Cosmetic Solutions

Cosmetic Dentistry London Ontario

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the best options for people looking to improve their smile. A wide range of cosmetic solutions can help treat an injury, fix tooth defects or improve overall appearance. In recent years, there have been some exciting developments in the technology, techniques and materials used in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Tabbara is a leading cosmetic dentist in London, Ontario. His experienced team offers the following services:

  • Cosmetic fillings – To fill in chips or gaps in teeth, we use tooth-coloured materials that are made to look like the natural enamel of the patients tooth.
  • Whitening/Bleaching – Using traditional and Zoom! whitening methods, we provide teeth-whitening and bleaching services to help fight the effects of stains, medication and aging.
  • Veneers – We use thin laminates to correct worn-down, broken and stained teeth or to close unwanted gaps between teeth. Our veneer procedures are a longer-term solution plastic veneers typically last 3-6 years, and porcelain ones last 10-15 years.
  • Bonding – We apply tooth-coloured material to the enamel of a patients tooth while curing it with a visible, blue light. The material bonds with the tooth to ultimately improve its colour or close gaps between teeth.
  • Cosmetic contouring and reshaping – We shape the tooth by removing a small amount of tooth structure, or by using a small amount of tooth-coloured laminate to correct its cosmetic problem.
  • Crowns – To restore the function and appearance of a tooth, we apply synthetic caps to the top of a tooth. Crowns are used to cover implants, attach bridges or prevent a broken tooth from becoming worse.
  • Crown lengthening– For the purpose of exposing a greater amount of tooth structure, we perform this procedure by restructuring the bone tissue and gums of a patient.
  • Gum line Procedures – We perform ridge augmentation to fix dents and other aberrations in a patients gum line. Using gum lifts or soft tissue grafts, we can conceal an exposed root, correct severe gum disease or fix gum lines. Gum tissue can also be augmented or replaced
  • Bridges – To fill in the area left by a missing tooth, we fuse a semi-permanent, natural-looking false tooth between two crowns. We can also replace the missing piece of a tooth, restore its natural contour or ensure the correct bite relationship between upper and lower teeth.
  • Specialty dentures – We provide lightweight dentures that provide the feel and look of natural teeth. Made from a combination of synthetics and metals, our specialty dentures can be either complete or partial sets.
  • Implants – Are artificial roots in the patient’s jaw to hold a false tooth, dental bridges or dentures. These structures can be a feasible, tooth-saving alternative to traditional bridgework or dentures.

To find out if cosmetic dentistry is for you, call Dr. Tabbara’s office at (519) 663-9900 or request an appointment online.