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If this tongue twister gets your tongue in knots, you might have a tongue tie holding you back! Additionally, tethered oral tissues (TOTs) have been shown to negatively affect nursing, feeding, dental health, speech, breathing and growth. These problems can persist and compound well into adulthood with sleep issues, digestive concerns, jaw pain, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, speech problems.

Breastfeeding and All Ages Screening Clinics

We offer several clinics each month to assess the possible impact of your TOTs. You can see the schedule for these clinics on our facebook page @londontonguetiecentre or instagram @tonguetie.drtabbara

Airway Advocate Network

As TOTs can impact a number of whole-body systems, we may recommend adjunctive therapies. Our Airway Advocate Network is comprised of local professionals who can support you in aftercare and offer supportive therapies to help you fully heal and thrive following your release. As each individual is unique, we will base these recommendations upon your symptoms as discussed at your initial consultation.